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“SoConn Behavioral Health is ready and available now to help. Medicare. HUSKY, and most private insurances accepted. ”

Insurance Plans Accepted at Southern Connecticut Behavioral Health

We accept a wide range of insurance plans to ensure you receive the best behavioral health care possible without the worry of unaffordable bills.

We Accept the Following Insurances

Anthem Blue Care




CT HUSKY/Medicaid

Empire Blue Care



United Health Care

Most insurance accepted. HUSKY and Medicare patients welcome

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New Client Contract

This treatment is yours. As such, YOU:

  • Assume responsibility for attendance and communicate with your clinician when changes and cancelations are necessary.
  • Meaningfully participate in a process toward desired change from identifying treatment goals, expressing an understanding of clinical approaches, and ask questions where there is confusion or a lack of understanding.
  • Keep an eye toward where you are in accomplishing your treatment goals, psychotherapy should not be “forever."
  • Always be honest with your clinician.
  • keep us informed of any insurance changes.

WE will:

  • Always treat you with respect and fashion treatment planning in deference to your race, culture, religion, values, and sexual identity/orientation.
  • Be honest with you in all aspects of your treatment.
  • Work with you to mutually formulate desired treatment goals.
  • Assess your progress in attaining your treatment goals.
  • Respect your time and life responsibilities.
  • Apply the most effective research and good practice-driven treatment approaches.
  • Support you in times of crisis and see to your safety.
  • Advocate and support you in dealing with external systems, such as criminal, family, probate court, probation, DCF, etc.
  • Continuously foster an understanding of your HIPAA-driven confidentiality rights and our role as DCF mandated reporters.
  • Work with you to afford the costs of treatment in lieu of insurance coverage.


We provide comprehensive therapy and counseling to those working on ending their addictions or maintaining their sobriety to focus on moving forward caring for their health and well-being.

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We offer depression therapy services, with trained professionals, in helping people work through their feelings and find relief from their symptoms.

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We provide counseling and treatment to help those battling anxiety recover the motivation, perspective, and bliss that they once had in their lives and teach techniques to help them learn how to relax and see situations in less startling ways.

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